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EverSync IE- Unhandled Exception

Tim C 2 years ago updated by HXC 1 year ago 61

Launching EverSync IE on Windows 10 throws an immediate error from Windows.NET: Unhandled exception has occurred in your application... The type initializer for "EverSyncIE.Local.Backup" threw an exception.

Clicking the "Continue" button opens the main interface for EverSync IE... but as soon as you choose Download/Upload/Merge, you get the same Unhandled Exception error.


Need a version of FVD Speed dial for Internet Explorer 11

Glenn Wilcox 6 years ago updated by Ilya Letkowsky 5 years ago 1
Is there a version of FVD Speed dial for IE 10/11, Windows 7/8?
Under review

FVD Speed Dial on Microsoft Edge?

UniZebra 2 years ago updated by tjtj 4 days ago 3

I love the FVD Speed Dial and I'm using it on both Chrome and Firefox but is there going to be Microsoft edge version too? Because to be honest the only thing that's holding me back from using Edge is that



Richard Herring 6 years ago updated by Thomas_CH 2 years ago 1

I'm not sure if this is available for safari but it would be great to have it on there as well.


After updating Mozilla Firefox from version 27.1 to version 28, lost all the last saved session

Alex K 6 years ago updated by Anne Atkinson 2 years ago 2
How can I recover them?
Under review

Session Box for Firefox 28 is hidden , missing

Tavi Rózsa 5 years ago updated by _ _ 5 years ago 9
Session Box for Firefox 28 i downloaded with NoRestart , i see in addons panel ... but noway elsewhere , no icon in addonbar in rightclick menu , no configuration ... no nothing appears anywhere to use this addon .... so totally useless
- maybe this is a half proiect addon

The Bookmark Folders were not sorted in order

Daniel 6 years ago 0
Eversync android has the same problem as Eversync web, I could not find a way to sort the bookmark folders by the order of the folder names.  It made me some difficulty in looking for a bookmark in a particular folder.

Session Box not working for Firefox 40.0.3

mikell 4 years ago updated by RGX 4 years ago 2
Session Box doesn't seem to be able to save any
of my Firefox sessions (ver 40.0.3).

EverSync IE prevent shutdown of Windows 10

torsten.kleiber 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 5

I have to exit EverSync IE before shutdown of Windows 10 or force the shutdown.

Under review

Визуальные закладки

Lamira 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 5
Добрый день, скажите пожалуйста как сохранить визуальные закладки? Закладки постоянно слетают. Держатся два три дня потом пропадают. Что делать?

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