all cool but i want Google search, not Yandex!

Ivan Russu 6 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome updated by manny 2 months ago 22

We don't have such feature yet. You can turn it off if you do not want it with Yandex.


@ FVD Media:  how do you turn it off?  And why is this the default on a new page of Chrome? It amounts to malware and a trojan horse IMHO.

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U can change Finder(google for example): 

C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa\6.6.1_0\js\newtab

1) "llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa" - "ID" Speed Dial [FVD]. U can see ID here - chrome://extensions/
2) "6.6.1_0" - Speed Dial [FVD] VERSION
3) "USER" - ur username =P

Search in folder "newtab" file speeddial_misc.js
And change line:
var url = "http://fvdmedia.com/addon_search/?q="+encodeURICom... document.getElementById("q").value )+"&from=chrome_fvdsd"

var url = "https://www.google.com/#q="+encodeURIComponent( document.getElementById("q").value )+""

Also. If u want to see"Search on Google.com" instead "Search on Yandex.com":

u need to open folder
C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa\6.6.1_0\_locales\ru
1) "llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa" - "ID" Speed Dial [FVD]. U can see ID here - chrome://extensions/
2) "6.6.1_0" - Speed Dial [FVD] VERSION
3) "USER" - ur username =P
4) "ru" - ur location.
Change file "messages.json" - search and replace lines:
"newtab_search_on_yandex": {
"message": "Search on Yandex"


"newtab_search_on_yandex": {
"message": "Search on Google"

Did EXACTLY as you said... and it turned the new tab page back to the normal new tabs...

There's an easier way to get Google Search. You just need to add this line in about:config of the browser

and you'll be able to use the address bar as a Google Search engine.


Please let me to change Yandex search to Google search.

I am IT, I dont use Yandex search engine. Never.


When I search the internet I like to use Google.....Also when I Attempt to sync my bookmarks I get a pop up message that dissapears before I am able to read the message and click on the link inside the pop up message...please help


agree 1,000,000% google instead of yandex.

I fixed this problem easy with blocking https://yandex.ru/ as domain. So default search engine on chrome keep it go. Keep calm ;)

what are you saying? you blocked https://yandex.ru in the host file and fvd then stated using chromes default search engine?

tried it out a while back and don't like it. my solution is simply to gave google and fvd as my startup tabs. then no need for search in fvd at all.


It seems like the search is bing which to me as is awful as yandex.ru.   This option should be configurable.. 


would u switch to google who uses bing ?