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Add a save button when making changes to 'Options'

Lindsay Purcell 6 aastat tagasi Nimbus Capture / FireFox uuendaja nimbusweb 5 aastat tagasi 2
Currently when making changes on the Options page, there is no save button and no indication as to whether the changes have been implemented. It would be nice if there was either  a) a save button or b) a written indication that the changes had been saved for future use.

Add to list of picture hosting services

Jan Nowak 6 aastat tagasi Nimbus Capture / FireFox 0 is very popular and easy-tu-use hosting picture service. It's much better than Google Drive and should be on list available sites. :-)

Multi process e10s compatibility for Firefox 54+

Gilles Wittezaële 2 aastat tagasi Nimbus Capture / FireFox uuendaja Bacca400 2 aastat tagasi 3


It is not compatible with multiprocess e10s feature of Fireofx 54+ so please make it compatible.



Crashes Firefox while capturing Facebook pages in 'selected area' mode

Paweł Nass 6 aastat tagasi Nimbus Capture / FireFox 0

Nothing more, nothing less. Anyways, it's still a good extension ;) Good work!


Missing Copy to clipboard option after editing.

tiabradford 2 aastat tagasi Nimbus Capture / FireFox uuendaja nimbusweb 2 aastat tagasi 5

The prior version had the option to copy to clipboard after editing.  Will you be adding this back in?  It is the most convenient option for quick copy and paste.


Save as PDF rather than JPG/PNG?

wiivile 5 aastat tagasi Nimbus Capture / FireFox uuendaja nimbusweb 3 aastat tagasi 3
Would it be possible to save screenshots as PDF files rather than JPG/PNG image files?

Can't 'save-as' to specific folder -- automatically goes to my 'downloads' folder

agq123 2 aastat tagasi Nimbus Capture / FireFox uuendaja k.schuh 7 kuud tagasi 3

Nimbus evidently updated itself to version 12.3.1, and now when I select an area to copy and click the 'save-as' option, it automatically saves the image to my 'downloads' folder. In the past (like this morning) when I clicked 'save-as', I got a pop-up with the option to save to different folders (with the default being the folder I last saved-to).

How do I make it do this again?



Toolbar button won't stay put!

ToaOfJustice 6 aastat tagasi Nimbus Capture / FireFox uuendatud 6 aastat tagasi 3

The Nimbus ScreenShot toolbar button moves to the default position between the address and search bars every time I start Firefox. I want it to remember its location rather than resetting it every time.


Page Break Option For Large Webpage Content (multiple web pages)

Matthew Galik 5 aastat tagasi Nimbus Capture / FireFox uuendaja nimbusweb 5 aastat tagasi 1
I just discovered your product, and I'm loving it.  I use it a lot to extract stories from web pages that I want to print out.  These stories (I work in HR/Leadership Development) are sometimes 4 to 5 pages long.  When I Nimbus the entire article then save to a jpeg file, the file is reduced so much to fit on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper that I can't read it.  You either chop the file up yourself by choosing and saving multiple pages of the one story, or get a magnifying glass out to read it when the whole story prints.

If you added a 'insert page breaks' option into the system, one that allowed you to chunk down the story into 8 1/2 x 11 sized 'chunks' - perhaps even highlighted how much of the story (at a time) would fit on a standard piece of paper with the page breaks already inserted (but moveable if need be), that would be super duper awesome!


add option to email the captured screenshot (instead of just saving the file)

brady moritz 6 aastat tagasi Nimbus Capture / FireFox 0

I need to take screenshots and email them to an associate. saving the file first is a wasted step.

Actually if it would allow opening in paint or the assoc image editor, this would be a huge help as well