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Just one feature lacking to make it a complete screen-capture tool

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Hello & Greetings.

I've been very impressed with the Nimbus Screen Capture Addon. I am using Firefox 32-bit latest version 47.0.1 (at the time of this writing) and found Nimbus Screen Capture a very effective and easy to use tool. However, what it lacks is a feature to capture a screenshot of a pop-up in webpage and/with including the webpage. The only addons which does this is FireShot. But I prefer the Nimbus capture addon to other, so would request if the said feature of capturing pop-up in a page can be implemented.


Under review


Can you send me example of pages with this problem?

Yes, but firstly I should clarify that what I meant was capturing in-page dialog box pop-ups, not the ones that open in new tabs.

Here, I try to show this issue with a screenshot.

This one is taken with FireShot add-on:

This is from a web-page where I get this error pop-up inside the page when I click on a certain feature.

If I want to report this error to the site Admin., then the screenshot will be essential to show what actually is

the error generating.

Now, when I try to capture this same dialog box with Nimbus Screen Capture, then it just opens the page

in another tab without the pop-up box, just the original background page, so I can't get it to take the s/c of the error.

I hope this made it understandable; if not, do tell if I need to provide any thing else in a more vivid way.

Any update on this here?

No, i need example of page with this problem. We can't repeat problem (

Ok, I will try posting without breaching the privacy issues. The example was from a personal account page of an online portal of which I am a member, that obviously requires login & password. So I will try to post the error from where it's a public page so that you can see for yourself.

You can send to email - team@nimbusweb.co

Hello, here's a site where you can recreate the issue hopefully.

Pl. go to http://www.clipart.com/en/ and just right click on the center image or on any other image

at the home page there.

You would see some thing like this as shown in this screenshot:

Now if I want to capture the above screen with the in-page dialog box there, neither Nimbus Screen Capture nor

FireShot are able to do so.

I took the above screenshot with the traditional PrintScreen method (pressing PrtSc. in Keyboard) in the Windows and then pasting it to Paint.

Would be much more convenient and & better if the screen capture Add-on can do this.



No, browser doesn't allow make screenshot while active alert. You need use desktop capture - https://nimbus.everhelper.me/nimbus-capture-windows.php

That's the point I was trying to make. Surely the developers can be able to find a way to make the Nimbus Screen Capture Addon take addons of browser active alert dialog box like the one above.

We would be grateful if you can convey to the concerned developers that they can integrate this capturing ability to the Screen Capture Addon which will make it a more practical tool.

For then it would be a complete Add-on with every abilities and so much convenient for the users.

It's just very awkward that for capturing such alert dialog-box, we've to download a 33MB software.

Also to resume that FireShot addon was able to capture an active alert pop-up on a different site as mentioned earlier; so partially can do it.

So, why not Nimbus Screen Capture? We wouldn't like to see our fav. Screen capture add-on to fall back on capabilities and completeness.

Thanks & Regards.

Fireshot isn't simple addon. Fireshot has browser part and desktop part, because they can capture alert message :(

Well, I hope Nimbus Screen Capture add-on can follow suit. There's no reason why Nimbus can't do what FireShot could. Adding this to to-do would be great for a start.


I hope this gets added to your to-do list.



Yes, but it isn't simple task :(

Yes, I know that & that's why I requested to add it in the to-do list. You agree it's worth it and once it's complete then Nimbus would become the complete and no. 1 screen-capture addon for any browser.

Take your time, no need to hurry; but you must make sure this development gets under way.


Wishing all a Happy New Year :)