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Short opinsion about Nimbus and some questions

mirceglavni 3 years ago updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 3

First of all - generally, Nimbus Note is one of the best note taking apps of this class, way over his contendes OneNote Online (slow as hell, very few options) and Evernote (dumbed down over the years to be acceptible to a broader audience).

My quick review and questions:

- Nimbus web-editor: excellent, best ever seen. Fast, responsive, editing options are simply amazing. Shortcomings:

- no possibility to link topics (or I didn't get it): Would like to have option to link to another topic of the base (I see that internet links are there, but not to other notes / folder in Nimbus Note). Any plans for this feature?

- no "right click" menu in the editor window, like for expample in OneNote Online (when you select text and right click on it, you can select the basic formatting options, highlight, etc). Yes, you have the menu bar, and yes, the basic options (bold,italic,underline) have shortcuts, but it is more cumbersome.

- no possibility to turn spell check off. As I write in languages other than English, the red underlines drive me crazy. Any plans to have the option to turn it off?

- Chrome addon: As good as the web-editor is, the Chrome addon is a desaster. First time for me that a dedicated addon has far less options that the plain web-editor. If I had discovered / tried the Chrome addon first, I would have abandoned Nimbus immediately.

- Windows app: very weak. Using it on Windows 7. Slow, buggy, all the time hanging while the TaskManager doesn't show any activity from the app (ie no CPU o RAM usage). Notes edited in the Windows app are not correctly transferred, copy & paste from other application to the editor results in cropped text (ie only part of the text is coppied, it's like something cut it before it pasted). Much to do on this front, as this should logically be the main content producing tool (I regard the Android and iOS parts as mainly content consuming, maybe light editing on the go).

- The free version offers 100 MB upload traffic per month. While on the low side (like on Evernote if I remember correctly), I believe that I could live with that...IF you don't come "tomorrow" and say OK folks, from now on, it's only 50 MB per month, or 10 MB per month. From your point of view, this would be right; you want to make money from your work,and this is OK. But for the user, this is very difficult: If I transfer my base of information collected over the years to Nimbus Note and suddenly you cripple the free version, I am lost.

The pro-version is to expensive for me. 50$ per year? Currently, I could afford that. What about next year? Maybe yes, maybe not. But my data would be captured in Nimbus Note.

Don't get me wrong, you have to be paid for your work. But what about a (reasonable) one-time fee option,instead or additionally to the subscription option?

Under review


Thank you for feedback. It is very important for us.

- no possibility to link topics (or I didn't get it): Would like to have option to link to another topic - Do you mean internal links on other notes?

- no "right click" menu in the editor window - added to to-do;

- we are using standard browser spell-checker. Do you change settings in context menu (right click - Spell Check).

Chrome addon: As good as the web-editor is, - Chrome version is light version of web-editor. Chrome addon has very fast editor, Yes, we can add more feature to addon's editor and make it slower :)

- We are working for improve Windows app.

I set your account as PRO :) Please tell me other suggestion if you have )

Thank you for the FAST reply and your feedback, I didn't expect this so soon. You continue to amaze me "by the minute".

- linking topics: Yes, internal links between topics (and ideally also links to specific parts of a note - sort of "Anchor" in HTML

- right click menu on to-do: Great!

- Spellchecking: Well, I am embarised. Didn't know that it was in Chrome itself. Another thing learned today.

- Chrome addon: I see the reasoning behind your choice to make it lightweight. It makes perfect sense. But I would suggest that you communicate this reasoning more clearly on your web-site and on the chrome-addon web-site: Chrome addon is just for speed (light on the go editing), if you want options, use the web-editor or the PC app. As I said, the Chrome addon drags the well thought concept of Nimbus Note down to the swamp of other online note-takers.

- Windows app: this is good, I've seen somewhere in the forum that you have published some interim install files which handle some of the reported issues.

- Pro Account: Thank you very much, this is very kind of you!

I will be free to post suggestions as I start using Nimbus more intensly. You will hear from me again ;)

Best regards,


Windows app: this is good, I've seen somewhere - Yes, last beta - http://nimbus.everhelper.me/setup19.01.2017.exe