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Can't 'save-as' to specific folder -- automatically goes to my 'downloads' folder

agq123 2 years ago in Nimbus Capture / FireFox updated by k.schuh 7 months ago 3

Nimbus evidently updated itself to version 12.3.1, and now when I select an area to copy and click the 'save-as' option, it automatically saves the image to my 'downloads' folder. In the past (like this morning) when I clicked 'save-as', I got a pop-up with the option to save to different folders (with the default being the folder I last saved-to).

How do I make it do this again?


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Unfortunately, new Firefox doesn't have such feature. We will add it as soon as they release such API for developers.

Thank you


This feature was available a year ago.
It would really be a very very useful feature, as I´m making around 50 screenshots per day and it annoys me to drag&drop them out of my Download folder.

Thank you very much dear Nimbus Team

It seems to be a long way :-(  It is years now, that you promise this function.