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What does days left in period mean?

Danielle Gutowski 4 years ago in Nimbus Note / Android updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 1

Is it completely free or is there a free trial that expires after 30 days? I need to know so I know if I should stop using it now so I don't waste my time. I am NOT paying for this.

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During synchronization, all data (notes) is sent to the Nimbus Note

server. Over the period of a single cycle (30 days) you can send up to

100 megabytes of new data. Every 30 days, a new cycle begins, and the

traffic counter is reset you can send a new total of 100 megabytes.

However, even if you reached your traffic limit before the cycle has run

out, your app remains fully functional, and you can continue working

with your notes. The only feature that won’t be active is the ability to

send notes to the server, but this is only until a new cycle begins.