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Send to Google Drive has problem with first-time usage prior to authentication

bgoodr 5 years ago in Nimbus Capture / FireFox updated by NosyWeb 4 years ago 6
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open some web page
  2. Click CTRL-SHIFT-2 to start a screenshot
  3. Select a region
  4. Click the Edit button.
  5. Make no changes to it.
  6. Click the Send to Google button (I did not click the down arrow triangle button on the right side of that button; as I just now saw it as I was writing up this bug report).
  7. But it works now. I see the upload link and verified it shows up in my Google Drive under Recent items.
  8. But the first time I did this, I was prompted to allow Nimbus (?) to have access to my Google Drive, and I clicked Ok. And after that, nothing happened: No download link was produced, and checking my Recent items inside my Google drive showed nothing.
My recommendation: Please test this out by creating a brand new Google account, and signing in this way, all using latest Firefox with this extension installed. Might or might not be a Nimbus bug since Google authentication is involved.
Under review
Ok, we will check.

Thank You.

Same problem here, but each time :-(
With Firefox 40.0.2 and Windows 10.

Impossible to connect Nimbus to Google Drive even if I click "I agree" to autorize access to my Google account.
Nothing happens, I always have "You are not autorized" and I can't see the Nimbus application in the Google autorized application : https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions

Thanks for your help.


FYI, I also tried to create a nimbus account from the firefox addon, it didn't work.
I should create the nimbus account by the official website.

Strange. I tried and it works fine. What is error appeared?
No, sorry,

It is an UX problem, I think I clicked 3 times on the Login button instead of Sign up button in the registration form : http://nimb.ws/lc3ZxC
And after that, I tried to login thinking my account was created, and obviously it doesn't work.
It is a little bit misleading :-)

Your extension is very useful, mainly with Google Drive, I hope you will succeed to fix the access problem.