Toolbar button won't stay put!

ToaOfJustice 6 years ago in Nimbus Capture / FireFox updated 6 years ago 3

The Nimbus ScreenShot toolbar button moves to the default position between the address and search bars every time I start Firefox. I want it to remember its location rather than resetting it every time.

Hi, we will fix it soon. Thanks!

Just checked. Everything works good. Please describe step-by-step what you do.  Also, try to turn off all extension except ours and try again. 

Step-by-step, here's what I do:

  1. Right-click the button.
  2. Select "Customize...".
  3. Drag the toolbar button to my desired location (next to the menu bar).
  4. Close Firefox.
  5. Re-open Firefox.
  6. The button does not show up at first, then it shows up in the default location.
When I disable all other extensions and try the procedure again, the button stays put after a restart.

EDIT: I think I found the problem. If I have too many buttons alongside the menu bar, the Nimbus button moves to its default location.

EDIT 2: Scratch that. If the Ghostery button is in the set next to the menu bar, it dislodges the Nimbus button no matter how many buttons are there.