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Sync doesn't seem to work properly

pavel 3 years ago in Nimbus Note / Windows Version updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 16

I edited an note in desktop app and it has no content in the online app. After repeated refreshes and syncs still the same thing - empty note online that is not empty on the desktop.

How did you get this note? Is it clip or from other sources?

Yes, it's a clip from The Guardian web. I then edited it on the desktop, mainly deleting parts of the page that were not related to the article.

Can you send me public link of this note (right click on note - Get shared link)

Your note has hidden attribute - https://nimbus.everhelper.me/client/notes/share/682310/2lgfsq79rufg0o41tlib

Please tell me url from your clip. Firefox of Chrome?

Maybe other url? Your url has other article. Did you clip as Article?

Ok, we will check. I can't repeat this problem. It is problem with style of note. All changes synced with server.

Okay. It looks I can easily reproduce the bug now:

1/ clip the page as from context menu (Web clipper -> Full page) (https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/sep/25/blitzed-norman-ohler-adolf-hitler-nazi-drug-abuse-interview?utm_source=nextdraft&utm_medium=email

2/ go to desktop client where unlike the Nimbus web the page in the note is not lookig very good ( http://screencast.com/t/zXAsaQihC7J )

3/ delete the top lines with links to make it more readable with this result: http://screencast.com/t/dwHVrtfaNHsH

4/ sync

5 refresh page in the web Nimbus page and see the empy note: http://nimb.ws/YDZQFN

Ok. we will check. But don't need use Full Page mode. It not recommended mode. Please use Fragment or Article.

Yes, so I figured :) But why it is the only available option (besides saving just the URL) in the context menu is then beyond me.

Just adding 'Beta' or something like that to it shouldn't be that difficult and can save a lot of reputation, I think.

Yes, it is our fault. We will add this options in next release.