A note seems to cause Nimbus to freeze

A note seems to cause Nimbus to freeze

Nimbus for Windows v7.4.11

I have tried "clean sync data". I have manually tried to sync.

A list of my notes will display in "All Notes" and if I click on a note or two, I can see the text. However, one particular note seems to crash NN. The note is from a website and there was text when I clipped it yesterday.

Once I click on this note, I am unable to view any other notes.

The menu seems to work and refreshing seems to reset Nimbus so that I can see other notes.

However, when I go to the notebook where this note resides, I can't see any other notes because the problem note is at the top of the list and I'm back to being "stuck" again.

I ended up deleting the note, but this is the page I was trying to capture: