Android app: Navigate within a long note

Android app: Navigate within a long note

1. The app persistently remembers the scroll position, even when the app is completely closed and reopened, which I don't see the point of.  Such a behavior might make sense if the app provided multiple tabs, where then individual blocks could be easily copied/moved. But as it is, however, when opening a note, it is only confusing if the top of a note is not visible due to a remembered last position, since this also means that the note title is no longer readable.

I suggest to change this behavior so that the scroll position of a note is no longer remembered, at least when closing the app.

2. With long notes there is - except by swiping - no possibility to navigate to the top. There is no breadcrumb navigation and no no top link. It is inconvenient to always have to swipe back up the path to get to the top of the note.  

I suggest implementing a go-to-top link, in the form of a floating button in the lower right area of the window that triggers a smooth scroll to the top of the page.

3. In long notes, there is no scroll bar to make visible where you are approximately within the note. Doing without the scroll bar may be due to a clean interface design, but it prevents visual orientation within the note.

I therefore suggest implementing a narrow scrollbar, as is common in other apps such as browsers.