Android Nimbus Scanner app

Android Nimbus Scanner app

Hi Guys,

Just a few niggles with the android app that make it challenging to use productively:
- Loud noise when I touch the screen to focus camera
- Struggles to gain outline of document so often working around to get a shot.
- No auto crop around outline of shape makes this very laborious.

As an average user who wants to be 90% paperless I'm after:
- Something I can trust that will not hang when trying to upload the photo
- Smooth integrations that have automatic feature sets so less interaction, more point and shoot and upload (with the fiddle features available for those who need them)
- If it's too clunky I'll keep using other apps until it becomes productive from a time/peace of mind perspective.

I look forward to what you come up with - and I know you are improving each product constantly and appreciate the effort you put into improving your products!



I don't wish to be negative about this product and am all about you guys gaining more success with your products.
I know some of these issues will be deal breakers for other users as there are lots of apps with no issues in these areas or solutions.