Be honest and tell as clearly what is your end game concerning export

Be honest and tell as clearly what is your end game concerning export

Even if you boast about it in describing Nimbus to potential customers, export is gone.
You provide offline version, only per request. People need  first to know about this page, they need to come here, complain and then you give them a link to heavily outdated offline app.
I do not consider that being transparent about what you acctualy ofer. Tehnicaly you are not lying as they can have old version with export but, lets be honest about it. It is dishonest and in my opinion shamefull practice.

So, yes export is practicaly nonexistent because we do not have it in public version and also because even the one we get in that outdated version is peace of junk. No folder structure, no attachments, no tags are exported. 

But, on other hand, in the past, you promised many times that there will be json export etc.
Not just that that didn't happen, but you killed even that crapy export that we had.
Now to the present. I recently complained about export on your FB page, and to surprise, it got through your censorship as you are very carefull that outside world doesnt see the drama behind the curtains. There I was told export will be reintroduced. But, now, it is killed in Mac version too.

So, your trajectory of development is  clearly going to where our any hold on our notes is fully removed. You are apsolutely in control, we do not own our notes and we are apsolutely caged. 

So, for the record - not that I even slightly believe anything you guys say, as those days are fully and irreversably gone many broken promises ago - what the heck is your end game concerning export?
1. Will we acctualy get export, real and acctualy useful export?
2. If yes, do you have a hard date about it?