Context menus for embedded PDF

Context menus for embedded PDF

1) When a PDF is embedded in a note, there are two context menus, one for the block (left) and one for the PDF (right). In both, "Downloading" occurs with the same submenu, which is a redundancy that could be confusing.

2) German-speaking users new to Nimbus Note will probably wonder why the term for "Download" appears twice in the right context menu for a PDF, once in German and once in English.
Additional confusion may be caused by the fact that the submenu items (“For workspace users” and “Public page”) are not translated and therefore it may be unclear what is meant by this function.

The problem is that the correct German translation for "Download" is “Herunterladen". Currently in Nimbus these terms (which mean the same in German), are used for the two different functions, for "Download" and "Downloading". So there is no recognizable difference for these two functions for German speaking users.

Current version of the menu:

English: "Download" - German: "Download".
English: "Downloading" - German: "Herunterladen".

The correct (unambiguous) translation would be:

English: "Download" - German: "Herunterladen".
English: "Downloading" - German: "Herunterzuladen" (or: “Herunterladbar")

"Herunterladen" and "Herunterzuladen" (or "Herunterladbar") are clearly distinguishable and clarifiy the underlying functions. Why do you actually use the term "downloading" and not "downloadable"?

On the desktop client (Mac), there is the same redundancy for the download permission settings ("Downloading", both translated with "Herunterladen"), but no context menu item to download the PDF: