Copy and paste to other programs

Copy and paste to other programs

Dear Nimbus,

It is standard that one can copy and paste headings, bullet and number lists, etc. from one program to another: Evernote, Notion, Gmail, Outlook, Word, Todoist, etc. etc. etc. They are compatible to a large degree.

Nimbus Note cannot do this. There are at least the following problems:
  1. Indentation of sublists is not maintained: all are made top-level.
  2. Numbered lists become bullet lists.
  3. Headings are formatted in extreme fashion, so that H1 is enormous and H3 is smaller than body text.
Surely these are trivialities for any editor, and I cannot understand how Nimbus Note are busy developing sophisticated collaboration and web site building tools when the basic editor does not work properly.

In addition, in an ideal world, plain text pasting (Ctrl-Shift-V) would paste the Markdown equivalent of the formatted text, as Evernote does to some degree (although not perfectly). Nimbus Note simply pastes text with no indication of the original formatting; only line returns are preserved.

I really like Nimbus Note, but I cannot stick with it if basic things like this do not work. Please fix these things!