Editing note creation date

Editing note creation date

I cut and pasted 250+ notes from Google Keep and had to change the creation date going back up to 4 years. This required selecting the calendar then pressing the scroll button up to 40+ times for each entry!

Please change the date editor to allow direct entry of the year, month and day.

I had selected the British date format in the settings. When I edited the date, it was displayed in the American format on the dialog which was initially unsettling.

Can this dialog follow the user date setting?

I had set the time display to 24 hour format. Editing the time was weird. If I entered a single digit for the hour, it was immediately converted to '2'. If I then entered a colon, the hour was set at '20'. If I entered 0 for the minutes, the field would revert to the current time. When I got the time correctly entered in 24 hour format, it was displayed in 12 hour AM/PM format on the dialog.

Please fix the weird editing and follow the user display preference on this dialog.