Explicit sync button missing on Windows desktop

Explicit sync button missing on Windows desktop

Hello all, there used to be a double circular arrow button on the Windows desktop app that one could click to initiate a sync. I can't find it now.

I miss this button because I like to know for sure my notes are saved before I put my laptop to sleep, otherwise I may later edit the same note on mobile and create a conflict or not find my latest changes when I need to refer to them. On desktop the autosave has worked most of the time but there were occasions when it didn't so the button gave me some peace of mind.

The other thing I liked about this button was that it would show a red X when the network was down. This was useful feedback. I always knew where I stood.

On Android there is similar functionality when you pull down on the note list (actually I dislike this, usually I don't intend for this to happen when I pull down, but at least I can get the sync behavior when I want it)

Where did this button go and how can I get it back?

Without this button, or equivalent functionality to control the cache and monitor cache status, I'll be more likely to stick with the web client.