[Feature Request] Images Slider

[Feature Request] Images Slider

I searched the community without success about this topic.

The use case is pretty much like this:

As an user, when he/she is adding more than 2 sequential pictures on a note that must be placed in a certain position and still be readable, Nimbus Note should have an option to create a horizontal slider block that will occupy only the desired height of the image and all intended images are loaded inside it, side by side, with an x-axis scroll or buttons to move them around. To expand individual image view, would keep the same behavior as of today, by clicking on it and opening an overlay.

Here you can see an example of the use case stated above on how it would be accomplished today and how it is being suggested - but, of course, it is just a suggestion based on what I think it is the easiest implementation. 

Example_Actual Case
Example - Suggested Case