Filtering table columns

Filtering table columns

Hi Nimbus team, 

There are 2 topics about this theme already, but both of them are from kinda old already and I really would like to know about what's next for tables.

Although we could talk about several possible capabilities for Tables, I would like to limit myself in 2 feature requests:
  1. Filter Columns
  2. and Save the filter to not have to always set it over and over.
I believe Tables is an important feature nowadays with an overload of information, and as more control we could have over it, the better. But the fact is that Nimbus is way behind other note taking apps when talking about this specific feature that I have seen others using to track their duties, projects, summarizing content etc.

Below, I'm using a simple example of tracking/following up items that needs to be done. Again, I'm not even touch other subjects that I would love to see in tables and is giving me big problems, I would like to focus on this one:

The follow-up table I'm using is getting bigger and bigger and it is taking me more time than I would like to spend to manage it.... move items around, copy, backup for history purpose etc.
Example of actual follow up table in Nimbus
So, if I could set column filters and save it somehow to have specific views, that would be AWESOME. Nothing from another planet, but something like that:
Setting up filters in a column with the desired Operation and the Content of the column. It can be typed as well.

Operations can be combined, like AND and OR.
The filter just created could be saved and, if that's the case, receive a name to be easily identified. Going back to the full table should be also accessible.

A big plus in filtering columns would be combining different column filters, like in the case above adding a filter to the Tag column Equals to Health and choosing the operations AND or OR.

Not enough said, if UI is a big constrain for development at the moment, I believe there is always the possibility to enable an advanced mode where users can enter their own "query" to be saved like: ((Status=="Done" || Status=="Not Doing") && Tag=="Health") to get the same desired result.

Well, hope it helps as I wish all the best to Nimbus and contribute to it somehow.