First character of Checklist items deletes

First character of Checklist items deletes

I have been experiencing this issue for some weeks now. When I create a new checklist item in the body of a note, then perhaps switch to another note and come back later, the first character is removed. I noticed this today on desktop (Mac, M1), but I believe the same has happened on mobile in the past. Happens constantly.

To be very specific, my note for today already had two checklist items (from my template, note was created last week):
  1. 1
  2. 2

I went in and changed "1" to be "XMD hour update". When I came back an hour or two later it was updated to "MD hour update".

Very weird.

I just logged into the web app to check the version history.. there I see multiple versions (from the same minute) that have "MD" but none that start with "XMD", if that helps.