First impressions of Nimbus after 10 years Evernote :)

First impressions of Nimbus after 10 years Evernote :)

Hi There,

after long time using evernote as notebook I was searching for alternative, cause the last developments at evernote aren't good at all and it is a pain to use their new apps :( 
Since yesterday I try to give Nimbus Note (pro) a chance, but there are some showstoppers and I just want to kindly ask if some of them are on the roadmap and if yes - what is the timeline:

1. extended ifttt support - as minimum adding some text to choosen note - now I have my shopping list note in evernote connected through ifttt with alexa and if I add something to the shopping list it adds it automatically to the existing shopping note

2. Siri automations support  - now there is a possibility to say "siri take a note" and all what I say after that goes through speech-to-text engine of iphone directly to evernote note as text

3. Sharing possibilities not only on workspace level, but on the folder level. 

4. Crossworkspace view - so I don't need to change over the workspaces every time and could see all notes from all my workspaces at the same view. This point will be obsolete if sharing possibilities on the folder level are implemented. So I could separate notes with folders only

Thanks & regards