Goodbye Nimbus Note!

Goodbye Nimbus Note!

      Now after 2 years, it’s time to leave Nimbus Note and go back to Evernote. That’s because:

·         I lost my tags
·         I lost most of my images in the notes included
·         I have no backup. Neither the server backup nor any other export can restore notes completely
·         I have no export containing all the information completely
·         I can’t find my notes with the search of the web client
·         The support and the developers are not willing to fix bugs
·         ………… and a lot more …..

Therefore, I decided not to type any new note into Nimbus Notes and continue with Evernote. I’m aware, that I must cut and paste all the old notes from NN to EN manually, but that’s more efficient than to waste my time with chasing for lost information, struggling with bugs and try to explain the errors to the support, where this information disappears in a black hole.

I’m aware also, the EN does not have all the functions of NN, which look nice, but have plenty of bugs.

I just need a note-taking app, which is reliable and save and enables a stress-free use. NN isn’t this app definitively!