HTML-export / -import

HTML-export / -import

Since ages, the lacks and the demand of this function are obvious and pointed out and documented in the support forum.

After another year without any progress to this issue, here is my question:
When will we be able to use a fully functioning html export / import?

For clarification, I don’t want to export to or import from another application, I just want in NN to export one or more notes or a folder in HTML and get after an import a copy of the note(s) exported.

Below are some examples of the major problems:

  1.  all metadata are missing, for example tags, folder, date created / last change, …. (These should be after the import identically with the original note)
  2. file attachments (which are stored in the export-file) are neither shown nor restored
  3. files included in the note-text (for example PDFs) are not imported. In the note there is just shown a link with the filename, but the link points into the nowhere
  4. After the import, tables are crab because not complete with missing entries

I do not insist on the HTML-Format, but we need – in what format ever – an export / import of notes, to be able to get a copy of the note(s) fully complete. In my opinion, the function seems not to be necessary for the mobile versions, but for the desktop- and web-apps it’s mandatory and asap!