Comments from a new user

Comments from a new user

Thanks for Nimbus, it's looking great (as an Evernote alternative)
I have some initial comments and observations:

Love tasks on the note

It's very GTD to have the task list in context rather than copy everything to the task manager. Your usual task manager can then direct to the note for the detail.
It's a shift change to have the tasks OUTSIDE the content of the text. That way you can prepare the text cleanly, rather than having the todos as part of the text and then having to duplicate the text to publish.

Gutenburg-like editor

Nimbus is a draught WordPress, as Evernote should have been. I can't rescind all the good I've said about Evernote all these years: I retain the principle of the value of the business memory. But now we have a Gutenberg editor right in your library. Nimbus wins.


  • Can embed a page in a webpage
  • Sharing notes publicly is easier seems more powerful
  • Could create a blog just by sharing page code - could I use a custom domain like
  • The editor is better (than Evernote). I can work on the phone
  • Immediate sync between web and desktop
  • The outline is fantastically useful

Not so likes

  • Can't merge notes
  • Annotation needs improvement. The chrome addon is good, but I want to edit the image from the note and for it to be saved back to the note
  • Shortcuts ALT CTRL 1 for formatting don't work in my config with Azerty keyb