Import of Notion pages with subpages not possible

Import of Notion pages with subpages not possible

When importing a page with subpages from Notion into Nimbus Note as a ZIP file, this import (which takes some time depending on the number of subpages) at first seems to work according to the progress indicator, and the associated files seem also to be imported (uploaded).

However, after the process is complete, all you get is a single note in Nimbus Note with broken links labeled with the names of the subpages you wanted to import. So none of them have been imported.

My question now is: where did all the uploaded data of these subpages go, since the upload took some time as the progress indicator showed?

Moreover, if the import of pages with subpages from Notion is currently not possible, Nimbus Note should explicitly point out this limitation, because otherwise the wrong impression is created that it is easy to switch from Notion to Nimbus Note. No one will want to migrate every single page from Notion to Nimbus Note!

A corresponding hint should be placed e.g. here: