iPad not syncing properly

iPad not syncing properly

I updated a note using the Mac version of the NimbusNote app. If I go to the web client, it is updated. If I go to the web client on any other computer , the updated note is shown.

However, when I open theiPadOS version of the app, that note does not get updated. (Other notes and folders are also missing, I'm just concentrating on one specific item.)

iPad is set to Full and is not updating with changes on made on the website nor the desktop app. 

Also, if I make changes to an existing note with my iPad, those changes do not sync up with web/desktop.

HOWEVER, if I create a new note on either of the mobile devices, that new note does sync and I can access it from my desktop. Editing these new notes on the mobile side does sync to the web. 

Is there a way to force an update?

Let me summarize so it might be clearer...
- iPad is fully synced as of 2 weeks ago.
- if I create new notes or update existing notes on desktop or website, they do not sync
- if I create new folders or move notes, they do not sync
- if I create a new note on the iPad:
    - it syncs and I can access on desktop/website
    - if I edit that same note on desktop, the changes to the body of the note sync on the iPad app (not changes to the title however)
   - if I edit that same note on the iPad, both the body and title will sync properly