Limit on quantity of Workspaces - please consider changing to Unlimited

Limit on quantity of Workspaces - please consider changing to Unlimited

The Pro subscription allows only 3 Workspaces. I would like to have more, however I have absolutely no need for any of the upgrades in the Business plan (which provides unlimited Workspaces) and also those extra business features for me would just add extra menu items that I would just have to ignore and so it's best I just don't even have them in my way since they are legit just for business.

Two suggestions for you to consider:
1) Remove the limit on the quantity of Workspaces for Pro users. Perhaps you can have a look at your metrics and ask yourself if it would have any real impact on your costs to run; I don't think it would.
2) If you are not open to making the quantity 'Unlimited' then bump up the quantity to 12; I think that would give enough ceiling for the majority of users to separate their various notes into broad categories.

3 is too limiting; for example I definitely would use these 4:

And if you gave me the ceiling to go up to 12 I would also use these 6 and perhaps a couple others:

OK now that I see my list of Workspaces already hitting 10 right off the top of my head I think I'd love to see them Unlimited or maybe even 20. I realize many of these broad topics could be arranged using folders or tags but some users and myself included could find their personal organizational methods more suitable using Workspaces. I really like the segregation of Workspaces more than folders etc so for me to have more would be fantastic.

Additional thoughts: Having a limit for free accounts makes sense, and having unlimited Workspaces for a business plan subscriber make sense, but if you think about an individual Pro user, they have many of the same use note-taking cases as a business plan, they just don't need the business features. So in my opinion a Pro user should be treated similarly as a Business subscriber, regarding having the same unlimited Workspaces; a Pro user would have the same editing and use case needs as a business user but just for personal use instead of business use. When I look through the Nimbus plan comparison pages that lists all the detailed features for Free, Pro, and Business, it seems clear to me that all of the 'business' features are not at all needed for users like me *except* for the unlimited Workspaces. If you consider the business features they are all about functionality and doing 'business things' that a personal user has no use for, but that does not mean that a personal user would not have good reasons for unlimited Workspaces. I think the Plan & Pricing structure makes 99% sense the way it is *except* for the limitation on Workspaces for Pro users.

So would you be willing to make them unlimited for Pro users? I really don't think it would affect your business costs in any meaningful way.

Thanks for considering.