Link to a note cannot be removed

Link to a note cannot be removed

It's a useful feature that you can select any text within a block and then create a new linked note with it via the context menu. The selected text is automatically used as the title of the new note.

However, if the linked note is deleted (and also the recycle bin is emptied), the link still remains - and now leads to the message "Note has been removed or moved to other workspace".

Since it makes no sense to have a link that leads nowhere, you want to remove it. So you select the (linked) text and look for a way to remove the link. Unfortunately this seems to be not possible. The context menu for formatting text offers no such option, and neither does clicking on the link icon. The context menu of the block also does not offer an option to disable the link.
If, in order not to have to delete the text, one tries to copy and paste the text again, but the dead link, the icon and the formatting still remains even in the copy.

There seems to be no way to remove a set link to a new note, not even if the note has already been removed.
By the way, the example with the heading in the screenshots applies analogously to any marked text, i.e. also within paragraphs.

I have 4 suggestions for the above problem:
  1. Basically there should be a way to remove the link to the note, including the icon and formatting of the text.
  2. If a linked note has been deleted (and also removed from the recycle bin), the system should automatically remove the link including the icon and formatting of the text, since the target doesn't exist anymore.
  3. If the note is still in the recycle bin after deletion, a corresponding message should be displayed. I think it wouldn't make sense to point to a note in the recycle bin.
  4. A linked note should always provide a backlink.