Mac OS App: paste without formatting

Mac OS App: paste without formatting

A bit of a nit pick, which shows how far Nimbus has come, but I work in a technical field and am constantly copy and pasting snippets of code, record IDs, etc., and Nimbus will show them as links/colors/etc. and I just want to "shift paste" like every other app out there to past without formatting. Can this feature please be added?

To reproduce... highlight some bold text and copy (command + C), then paste with SHIFT + COMMAND + V and note it's still bold... 

Just did a bit of googling, and apparently the correct key combo is Option + Cmd + Shift + V to remove formatting, and that works! However, in other apps including the browser the Option key is optional. I also see that "paste without format" is now a right-click option in the Mac OS app.

I believe this already works on the web, but I prefer the desktop app.

Bottom line, maybe there is a technical hurdle here and I'll just need to learn the four finger paste without format reflex.