Nimbus Clipper for Chrome 4.7.1

Nimbus Clipper for Chrome 4.7.1

I installed the latest version of the Nimbus Clipper extension (4.7.1, as of 10/14/21), and it's creating some problems for me.

First issue is that everything I clip has a public share on it - like no matter whether I click the "Save" or "Save & Share", both options are creating notes with a public share. I don't want my notes to have public shares in them. Sure, I can remove them manually, but I shouldn't have to if I'm choosing "Share", right?

Second issue I'm having is that if I use the clipper to save emails from my Gmail account, I'm not getting the entire email clipped. It's just clipping the title of the email. When I'm in the email. and then click the clipper toolbar button, the box comes up to clip, and shows "Gmail Email" as the type, but only the email title is in the preview and nothing else. This saves the note to my account just like that - no content, only the title, and like the other issue - it's a shared note. 

Can someone look at these issues and fix?

On a related note, have you considered creating a Gmail plug-in that would create a button on the right side of emails, so we can save Gmail messages from there, straight from Gmail, without having to use the clipper extension? Evernote and NoteJoy do this, and it works great on those platforms. How about doing this with Nimbusnote?
This is how the Evernote Gmail plug-in looks. Clicking it adds the current email as a new note.