Did you guys really do that???

Did you guys really do that???

Nimbus WEB cannot be used AT ALL if no internet connection, not even to read pages already in cache and loaded to screen??

Today I made an note at home on laptop and left NB Web page open. Then I traveled. I opened laptop to continue typing to page. But, I was greeted with dark grey overlay over whole screen with message that there is no internet and I couldnt edit or read txt even if it was right there, barely visible under the message and this overlay grey color.

Before, I was able to read and edit and NB web would just sync when I get the internet. It behaved same as android app. What is in the cache you can load AND EDIT. Now, I cant even READ what is already loaded in the screen.

Like, I am reading LOADED note, if while I read the note laptop looses interenet for some reason, now I cannot even continue reading what is ALREADY LOADED and displayed on the screen because of this dark overlay and freakin message!!!!!!

Tried it in Edge and FF.

Did you guys really do that???????????????????????