Nimbus Web Clipper Clipping Issues

Nimbus Web Clipper Clipping Issues


***(Sorry please ignore my previous topic posted, and refer to this current topic instead - I have attached here supporting images to better showcase the issues that I am experiencing) ***
I notice that this has been a problem with clipping web articles that has embedded feeds like instagram / facebook feeds, or google ads.

The article clipped in Nimbus will show large empty spaces that are meant to be the feeds and/or ads.

Sometimes, the article title and headlines will go misaligned too. 

I have checked on Evernote clipper, the clipped article do show up feeds, ads, and the titles are nicely aligned with the article. 

Attached are 4 images showing the difference of clipping an article from this article:

Is it possible to improve on the clipping aspect, so that we can preserve as much as possible the original look of the article, please?

Thank you.