No support for directionality for Right-To-Left languages

No support for directionality for Right-To-Left languages

I've recently subscribed to Nimbus platform.

Overall, I find Nimbus Note platform very appealing because it has lots of features in one place.

And yet, as a writer and a translator, translating many of my writings from English to Hebrew, I couldn't find any button that aligns the directionality. Choosing the 'indent right' option doesn't align the text properly. The period mark (.) must come at the end of a sentence to close it, but it still remains in the beginning of a sentence.

I wonder why there is no support for actual directionality for RTL languages.

This is pretty much a standard feature and can be found in most, if not all, platforms: Clickup, Dynalist, Google Docs, Apple Notes, Evernote, Bear notes, OneNote and Zoho notebook, to name a few.

I find it odd that Nimbus has invested so much in creating a powerhouse platform, yet, has completely disregarded such basic feature.

I’ve looked at other’s users posts for the same issue from 2 years ago to which the support team replied that they were working on such update, however, as of now, this issue still remains unsolved.

I have many drafts that I would like to organize neatly in one place while having a search feature that enables me to find things with ease. But having no option to change the directionality of the text changes everything for me. I won't even bother importing my work into Nimbus if this feature does not exist.

I do hope the developers will begin to take this issue to heart.