[solved] Public links can no longer be deleted

[solved] Public links can no longer be deleted

I have found a situation where public links can no longer be deleted.

Steps to reproduce (at least this is what I did):
  1. create a public link for a folder (e.g. also with password protection).
  2. then you request a new link again
  3. but apparently you receive a "different" link
  4. but the old (first requested) link remains valid
  5. after removing the public link only the last link is removed and becomes invalid
  6. the old link apparently remains accessible

So finally I have a folder that has a working public link, but I can't remove it anymore.

My questions/ask:
 - If this bug is confirmed please fix it 😉 .
 - How can I delete the public link that now exists for my folder?
 - If one has created a public link. How can I display this link again if I no longer know it, but want to pass it on to another person?