Sync & Search not working properly

Sync & Search not working properly

When I originally bought your software I had high hopes. I like a lot about Nimbus. However, where things stand right now, I will not renew my subscription in November (which also means that I have to go the painful way of migrating yet again to another system).

Despite many attempts, to this day the search functionality on the Mac client is cumbersome at best (not better on mobile), and I usually have to quit and restart the client app when I'm done with my search. Search is one of the most important functions of any note-taking app, and I don't get that you see it the same way. Otherwise, the search would be flawless and fast. But it's slow and I have a hard time finding notes ... which makes my Nimbus repository not a valuable source of notes, but a data grave. 

Sync: several times in the last few weeks did I have that same phenomenon ... I would edit a note on my phone or iPad, and the changes did not show up on my client app. Even when I clicked on the sync icon to initiate a sync did the changes not come through. In other words: If I hadn't caught that and had continued working on that same note on my Mac, all the changes I had made on my mobile device would have been destroyed. 

I just verified that the changes made on the phone were in fact visible in the browser app. Only once I quit the desktop client and re-opened it would they actually show on the desktop.

Again (I said it a few weeks ago): these are basics. All these other features you are publishing are all nice and well .. they don't matter when basics don't work reliably!!!!