I recently (late last week, early this week) reimported a some folders as well as updated Nimbus desktop app (v 6.45.13) because I have not been using NN for a few months. 

I compared that the number of notes imported are correct. I am happy to see that this has been fixed.

Once all the notes were imported, I opened the desktop app. It completed the sync and showed that the notes were there, however...
  1. since then whenever I open the desktop app, it starts syncing (as it should). However, takes a really long time. I gave up the other day and just went to the web app.
  2. today, when I opened the desktop app, there are no notes except for one folder
  3. trash on desktop app keeps showing notes when I've emptied it a number of times (no notes in trash in the web app)
It's been at least 20 minutes and the desktop app is still syncing. Notes in other folders are showing up but still does not match the web note counts. The desktop app keeps closing/opening (refreshing?) occasionally. Is this expected behavior?

As I write this the sync seems to have completed but the note count does not match the web app. Web app shows more and the note count there is correct. The desktop app is missing notes.

I have sent the desktop logs to NN . Where does the "send sync logs to console" go? I will clear sync data and try again. Do you have any other advice?