Test Migration from Evernote (Legacy) failed

Test Migration from Evernote (Legacy) failed

I looked at Nimbus Note as a replacement for Evernote, which I used (heavily) for more than 10 years - resulting in more than 6000 notes with all kinds of attachments and dozens of folders.

Main failure reasons of my first tests (which were definitely not complete) were

1. Unsufficient Evernote import functionality

- Although I tried to import folder by folder not all notes were migrated (and it was slow!). Even worse I haven't found a log to check which notes are missing ...
- I am using many note links for  cross navigation purposes. All those were not be migrated, they are still pointing to the old Evernote links.

2. Missing functionality (from my very first impression, but already critical for me)
- Inline editing functionality for attachments (like Excels) in the Windows Desktop client is missing

As a result I stopped my tests. At the current stage Nimbus Note is not usable for me.